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CIE Australia design, manufacture and maintain, superior engineered mining solutions to the highest levels of excellence. Our products are intelligently manufactured, ultra-reliable and custom designed to individual client and site specifications. They meet exacting Australian and international standards in safety, quality and reliability.

Our head office is located in Cairns, Queensland but our customers, products and expertise are employed at mining and industrial sites across Australia and the world. We know what it takes to deliver quality, reliability and performance, in some of the toughest environmental conditions on the planet. We pride ourselves on delivering equipment and products that work, each and every time.


CIE Australia has set up diesel generator-powered sites that have ranged from 30 KVA right through to 5 MVA 24/7 run sets, capable of generating electricity supply for mining operations, mine sites or small towns for many years.

We offer service and hire for a wide range of needs, including: 440/1000/11,000 volt Mining Electrical Switchgear; Diesel Power Generation 10 KVA – 2 000 KVA single gensets; Diesel Power stations to 10 Mega Watts; RMU’s; Distribution Boards; LCU’s / LCS’s (Local Control Stations); LED lighting Towers; Single and multiple Fan Starters; Transportable Mining Substations and Transportable Pump Stations.


For equipment consultations or sales inquiry, please contact us at

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