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We are one of the largest wire and cable companies in North America, with a 170-year history of industry leadership. We serve customers in every major market channel, including energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications and our leading wire and cable products and brands are known for their high quality and outstanding performance. As we work to meet our customers’ needs now, we are investing in research and development to provide solutions for the future. We magnify the value of our products and technologies with expertise in distribution and logistics, marketing, sales and technical & customer service. This creates a unique mix of products, technologies and services to make General Cable a strong, important partner to our customers.


Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co., Ltd. is a technology-intensive enterprise, a key high-tech company, National Top Rated Credit Enterprise and industry leader, integrating Cable and Accessory System, Smart Grid Technology and Transmission&Transformation Project three scopes in one, engaged in R&D, manufacture and operation of products. Besides Qingdao headquarters, Qingdao Huadian High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Hanhe Electric Engineering Co.,Ltd., Hanhe has also established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Jiaozuo, Xiuwu, Changsha, Beihai, Changzhou, Nvdao etc. Hanhe owns National-certified Enterprise Technology Center, National Research Center for HV and EHV Cables Engineering Technology, as well as Postdoctoral Programme. Hanhe is the first one who passes ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 management system certification in the industry and it has also gained PCCC, KEMA, DNV, UL certification etc. Hanhe listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 and ranks top in terms of high quality products, superior services and integrated competitiveness in China cable and wire industry.


LS Cable & System, established in 1962, has been contributing to building power grids and communication networks first in Korea and then in countries all over the world by developing, producing and providing cables and related solutions used in daily life and throughout many industries. Furthermore, the company set the stage for industrial and economic development by capitalizing on our innovative technology to supply various special industrial cables and industrial materials.We at LS Cable & System are now supplying state-of-the-art products, such as submarine, extra-high voltage, high temperature superconducting and communications cables to power authorities, heavy electric equipment makers and common carriers around the world. Our products can be seen throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, so we are now recognized as a leading manufacturer serving global industries both in name and reality.Based on our corporate philosophy, “LS Cable & System Way,” we will go beyond simply generating profits to develop forward thinking competencies by innovating our business models, developing environment-friendly high-quality products and reinforcing our partnerships with stakeholders as the best partner that will maximize customer values. We will open a brighter future by innovating and investing in technologies that push the envelope and developing the best total solutions.

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