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DSI has successfully established its Mining Business Sector. Today, DSI is global market leader in the development, production and supply of mining products and systems. Keeping in line with its strategy “Local Presence – Global Competence”, DSI has over 2,000 employees worldwide with operations across Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.



Key Features

  • Manufactured from a special hot rolled deformed bar designed by DSI.

  • This bolt features a rib pattern which actively assists with mixing the chemical anchors during installation.

  • The deformed bar rib pattern improves load transfer properties.

  • The rolled thread strength nominally equals the column strength of the bar.

  • The 24mm chemical anchor bolt is designed to be used with chemical anchors, but can be effectively used with cementitious grouts.

  • Corrosion protection may be provided by hot dip galvanizing or alternative coatings.

  • Australian Patent Number 536627 is applicable to the bar design of this bolt.


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