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We are one of the leading manufacturers and developers of innovative conveyor belt technology and are part of the ContiTech group of companies within Continental AG. As a supplier of complete solutions with locations in close proximity to our customers around the world, we are able to deliver comprehensive servicing for your conveyor belts and systems in mining, mechanical and plant engineering, and many other industries. ContiTech’s high-end conveyor belt technology and service mean that belt conveyors run reliably, cost-effectively and environmentally soundly.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belts


Zhejiang Double Arrow is a worldwide leader in conveyor belt for the process and bulk materials handling industries. We offer innovative technology and broad experience in all aspects of our conveyor belts.

Our experience speaks for itself. Since 1986, our conveyor belts have moved millions of tons of dry bulk solids in numerous applications around the world.

Textile Conveyor Belts


Depending on the application, textile conveyor belts feature various cover stock properties and a single- or multi-ply textile tensile member. Long-lived products for diverse conveying tasks in open-pit and underground mining.

CONTI® PIPE – High-Speed Pipe Conveyor Belts


A pipe conveyor belt differs from a conventional, troughed belt in its design and splicing technology and performs special conveying tasks.

Mining and industrial applications often require relatively large inclines and tight curves to be overcome in tight spaces and at high mass flow rates. The particular features of modern pipe belt con – veyors include: no transfer points, no material spillage along the conveyor route, and tight 3D curves. Pipe belt

conveyors save space thanks to their compact design, navigate natural terrain, including steep conveyor angles up to 30°.




MAXOFLEX® corrugated sidewall belts for transport of bulk goods offer high-quality long-term high-incline conveyance solutions.



  • Corrugated sidewall belts for transport of bulk goods

  • Saves space, since conveyance at inclines of up to 90° is possible

  • Material conveyed is protected

  • Extremely high stability is provided in the traverse direction, good longitudinal flexibility

  • Different feed and discharge directions are possible by rotating the vertical runs


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The FLEXOWELL®-conveyor belts are designed for horizontal, steep inclined and vertical handling of all kinds of bulk materials – from coarse-size coal and ore, rock, coarse sand or fertilizers. Lump sizes varying from powdery, floury material up to 400 mm (16″) can be handled easily with FLEXOWELL®-conveyor systems. Materials can be carried over 500 m (1,640′) in vertical lift with capacities from 1m³/h up to 6,000 t/h.

FLEXOWELL®-conveyor belts are supplied in standard black rubber quality of high abrasion resistance. In addition, other qualities such as heat and oil resistant or flame retardant rubber can be supplied.


Product Range:

In order to grant optimal solutions for each application there are five different types of belts, six rubber qualities, also for sidewall and cleat profiles.

  • Type XE: light duty FLEXOWELL®-applications only.

  • Type XOE: reduces transverse deflection at wheels and stub idlers.

  • Type XDE: medium and heavy duty special applications only.

  • Type XUE: reduces transverse deflection at return strand when carried on discs or inside idlers.

  • Type XST: heavy duty applications only requiring belt tension above 1000 N/mm with ES-Type FLEXOWELL®-sidewalls up to 630 mm (24.8 inch) and cleats up to 600 mm (23.6 inch).



Based on the Flexowell® technology and the high capacity bucket elevator, the Pocketlift® system was developed for deep shaft underground applications in the mining and tunneling industry with a lifting height up to 800 m in one flight.

Technical details


With Pocketlift® the function of power transfer is achieved by two narrow steel cord belts which are connected with rigid triangular cross bars. The material to be conveyed is fed into the fabric reinforced rubber pockets, which are bolted at the center of the cross bars. These bars also have a guiding function. All three elements are connected detachable and allow separate shipment and easy installation on site.

The standard Pocketlift® Type III reaches capacities up to 1500 m³/h and lift heights up to 800 m while new generation Pocketlift® type II was developed for high capacities even up to 4000 m³/h. Different pocket widths for both systems allow a tailor made design exactly to customers requirements.

As the main application fields are underground mining and tunneling it is mandatory that we hold the quality approval from all major mine inspectorates, such as MSHA or ISO 340 / EN 20340.

For high capacity silo feeding in the food and cement industry oil- and fat resistant and heat resistant rubber compounds are available.


  • Pocket width: 500, 600, 800, 1000 mm

  • Lump size: 150 mm max. 10% up to 200 mm



  • Pocket width: 800, 1000, 1200 mm

  • Lump size: 200 mm max. 10% up to 250 mm

SICON® Enclosed belt conveyor system


he SICON® conveyor belt remains closed from the feeding point to the discharge point. It thus measures up to particularly stringent requirements with respect to cornering suitability, cost-efficiency and environmental compatibility.

The extra-high flexibility of SICON® conveyor belts renders involved system configurations possible for optimum conformity to topographical conditions. They can cope with corners and edges without the need for additional transfer points. Cornering radii of less than a meter can be realized. This makes possible the serpentine routing often required to cope with major altitude differences over very short distances.


  • 1 – Vertical guide pulley

  • 2 – Two steel cords vulcanized into the belt with common axis for extremely short radii

  • 3 – Support pulleys tilted to close the belt

  • 4 – Two profiles led by the guide and support pulleys

  • 5 – Pouch-shaped part of belt for carrying material conveyed


  • Copes well with steeply rising topography

  • Eliminates need for transfer points thanks to good curve negotiability

  • Does not pollute because belt closed on return trip

  • Allows for two-way conveyor system: belt can be loaded in both directions; varying routing possible for trip out and back

  • Prevents dust emissions

  • Protects sensitive materials conveyed

  • Is lightweight and flexible, easy to install; self-centering between guide pulleys and support pulleys

  • Make minimal space demands

  • Allows for gradients of up to 35°

  • Reduces tensile load on belt by arrangement of several drive stations (with at least 90° encapsulation in curves).

  • Cleans itself

  • Can negotiate 180° curves with a radius smaller than 1 meter

  • Opens the way to many feed and discharge options

  • Loads uniformly and accelerates quickly

Product Range:


CONTI® Chevron Belts

Chevron belts carry out a wide range of conveyor tasks in all industries. In addition to a range for normal bulk goods, various special types are available for conveying hot goods, for the transport of goods containing oil and grease, for steep-incline conveying and with special reinforcing materials for particular applications.

Our product range for steep conveyance is differentiated to meet the needs of individual applications. Our chevron belts are equipped with covers of a tried-and-tested, wear-resistant quality. With 10-50 mm high profiles, they are the perfect belt for numerous applications.


  • Wear-resistant cover with profiles subsequently vulcanized

  • Flexible profile compounds, profile heights up to 50 mm

  • Can also be used efficiently with small pulley diameters

  • Reduction of dirt caking


CONTI® ULTIMATE is a heavy duty abrasion-resistant suction and discharge hose used, among others, in mining industry and mineral processing plants. Suitable for transportation of ground and processed ore slurries, trailings, slags, sand and gravel. Long lifespan of the hose is provided by a liner made of highly abrasion resistant NR compound. The NEW Conti Orange Wear Indicator allows the wear of the liner to be continuously monitored and so helps to prevent unexpected production breakdowns. The hose together with reusable flanges and gaskets ensures a smooth medium flow and becomes the ideal hose assembly with an easy installation and maintenance.

CONTI® ULTIMATE System – Highly flexible and lightweight


Typical Application & Features

  • Heavy duty abrasion-resistant suction and discharge hose for the transfer of sand, gravel and slurries

  • Safety factor of 3.2 times working pressure to burst

  • Suitable for both suction and discharge operations

  • Working temperature from -40 °C to 80 °C

  • Smooth medium flow

  • Reusable couplings

  • No contact between transferred medium and the flange

  • Easy installation and maintenance




  • Liner material made of highly abrasion resistant NR compound with Conti Orange liner wear indicator

  • High tensile textile reinforcement, embedded steel helix

  • IR/BR cover resistant to abrasion, ozone and UV

  • Very flexible, small bending radius

  • Various production lengths available upon request

NEW Conti Orange Wear Indicator



  • Allows the wear of the liner to be continuously monitored

  • Helps to prevent unexpected production breakdowns

  • Placed just beneath textile reinforcement




  • Conical shape ensures ease of installation

  • Reliable sealing protecting hose reinforcement from impact of the medium

  • Improves connection between hose body and flange

  • Rubber sealing with steel reinforcement




  • Suitable for both EN 1092-1 / ANSI 16.5B standards

  • Made of high strength aluminium alloy

  • Non-corrosive, good seawater resistance

  • Robust design to withstand heavy duty operations

Other wear resistant hose end options

  • Suitable for CONTI® ULTIMATE split flange system

  • Non-turbulent flow of the medium

  • Ability to rotate the hose to evenly distribute wear (swivel, beaded-end)

  • Working pressure up to 25 bar (365 PSI)

  • Available sizes up to DN1200 (48″)

  • Non-standard flange types upon request

  • Very flexible, minimized stiff hose section

  • Lightweight, easy to handle


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