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Flexco is committed to developing innovative products that help you maximize belt uptime, system productivity and profitability.  From faster, more consistent rivet driving to durable precleaners intended to withstand the toughest environments, our new products are designed to help you conquer your conveyor belt challenges.

Aero® Splice Press with Recipe Management Tool

The Aero® Splice Press offers the latest technology to create a superior endless splice typically in less than 10 minutes.  All necessary components are compactly self contained, making the press easy to use, store, and transport. Recent advancements allow the user to easily store and access over 1,000 splice recipes.


Features and Benefits:

  • Splice times as short as 8-12 minutes

  • All-in-one unit with no external components such as water tanks and pumps

  • Intuitive HMI control panel and scroll through navigation

  • USB port loads recipes for future use and allows for storing and sharing
    more than 1,000 recipes between tools and across locations

  • Independent temperature settings for top and bottom platen to easily follow recommended splice parameters

  • 150mm effective heat zone across the entire tool width eliminates unfilled fingers for a flawless splice

  • Integrated air cooling system with top and bottom fans causes the belt to be cooled down quickly after cooking for increased splice quality and reduced cycle times

  • A single press can accommodate multiple power requirements with power cords and internal componentry

  • Tool has been designed and accessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements

Baler Belt Skiver


Hand skiving baler belts takes time and precision. The Flexco Baler Belt Skiver is a safe and effective tool for quickly and easily skiving baler belts. Simply set the skive height, close the cover, and skive your belt in less than 30 seconds using a cordless drill. With the cover closed, the blade is completely enclosed during the skiving process, eliminating the chance for injury while skiving.

Features and Benefits:

  • Optional bench mounting kit for belt shop use

  • Hold down shaft also acts as a blade guard

  • Closed cover clamps belt tightly in place to allow for uniform skive

  • Driven with an electric drill or ratchet

  • Skive depth is adjustable with use of shims – tool includes convenient storage location so shims
    are available when you need them

  • Lightweight extruded aluminum body

  • Portable – weighs less than 2 pounds

  • Skive in less than 30 seconds

  • Can be used on new or worn belts

  • For belt widths up to 7.5″

  • Adjustable skived belt thickness from 0.200″ to 0.250″

Segmented Transfer Plate


Transferring products safely from one belt to another or from belt to chute or other structure is often one of the biggest problems for material transfer operations. Segmented Transfer Plates from Flexco can help prevent product loss at the transition point, preventing potential damage to the product as well as the belt and conveyor structure. Bright yellow segments snap onto the mounting bar to accommodate belts up to 60″ (1500 mm) wide and gaps from 4″ to 10″ (100 mm to 250 mm).

Features and Benefits:

  • Bar Mounted Segments are easy to install and quickly release under pressure of trapped objects

  • Durable HDPE segments lock together and provide a low coefficient of friction so product slides easily across the transfer

  • Different segment lengths can be paired together to provide options for offset mounting to accommodate structure variations

  • Provides a smooth transition at the transfer point

  • The two-piece mounting bracket allows for easy mounting and removal

  • Bright yellow color makes segments easy to monitor for replacement

  • Compatible with both endless and mechanical belt splices

  • Precision molded segments ensure accurate fit of transfer in gap


  • Package Handling

  • Airports

  • Recycling

  • Shingle Manufacturing

  • Wood Processing 


  • Belt widths up to 60”

  • Transfer widths from 4” to 10”

  • Segments are durable HDPE

Hitch Guard

The Hitch Guard from Flexco is engineered to provide a smooth transition of product over the conveyor hitch. The Hitch Guard prevents small objects from becoming lodged in the hitch which can cause longitudinal conveyor belt tears, damage to conveyed products, and costly periods of unscheduled downtime. Designed to permit individual segments to release from the support bar, objects are quickly dislodged while remaining segments stay secured for continued operation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Prevents objects from becoming lodged in the hitch

  • Support bar and segments can be easily customized for any belt width

  • Durable UHMW segments provide for low friction and high wear

  • 3” segments are easy to install and quickly release under pressure of trapped objects

  • Compatible with mechanical and endless belt splices

  • Bright yellow color makes segments easy to monitor for replacement


  • Package Handling


  • Belt widths up to 72”

  • Steel mounting bar and brackets

  • Two mounting designs offer compatibility with most systems, including those with existing Scanner Eyes

PTEZ™ Belt Trainer


The PTEZ™ Belt Trainer provides Flexco yet another high-performance tracking idler at an economical price point. Applying our patented PTEZ mechanism to our unique “Pivot and Tilt” feature, the PTEZ responds and compensates immediately to belt misalignment using the tapered end roller profile to engage the training action. This ensures that the belt stays away from the structure and the material stays on the belt without the use of sensor or edge rollers. As a result, PTEZ may be used in nearly any application to provide tracking and prevent damage to the belt or structure.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Performance

    • Pivot and tilt technology provides two forces to track your belt, making it more effective than wobblers or pivot-only trainers

    • Standard urethane lagging for exceptional life over conventional rubber lagged trainers

  • Easy Ordering and Installation

    • Designed to meet instant demands for training solutions, the PTEZ is available with a short lead time

    • The simple brackets and component construction ensures a quick and easy installation

    • Installs easily on clean side of belt when the belt is cupped

  • Universal Design

    • Drops into current return roller location

    • Designed for CEMA standard structure


  • Single-direction or reversing belts with speeds up to 1000 fpm (5 M/s)

  • For medium-duty belts up to 1600 PIW

  • Belts with edge damage or wear and belts mistracking to one or both sides

  • Wet or dry conditions

  • Underground mining, hard rock, metal mining, aggregate, and bulk material handling

Modular Impact Bed


Flexco Modular Impact Beds are engineered with maximum capacity in mind, ensuring full containment in and around the load zone. Modular Impact Beds are also designed with universal components that result in an effective, yet affordable, solution. The system is based on 2’ (600mm) sectional footprint which allows you to control your impact zone design by using an all-bar section in high-impact areas and slider impact section where you require lower impact resistance or sealing. When both styles are used together you can achieve ultimate performance in your load zone.

Features and Benefits:

  • Family of Products

    • Available with all bars for heaviest impact or impact roll for lighter impact

    • Seamlessly combine both versions side-by-side in load zone for ultimate performance with impact absorption and sealing

  • Great Serviceability

    • Sectional slide-out service

    • Allows for service along-side the conveyor

    • 1” UHMW bars last longer and can be installed any direction

  • Universal Component Design

    • Standardized component design

    • Reduces lead-time and simplifies service parts


  • 24” to 72” (600 to 1800mm)

  • Adjustable trough angle 20°, 35°, 45°

  • Impact Energy

    • Up to 200 lb-ft (up to 25kg-m) MSB

    • Up to 1500 lb-ft (up to 200kg-m) MIB



  • Designed for CEMA standard structure

  • Single-direction or reversing belts with speeds up to 1000 fpm (5 m/s)

  • Light or heavy duty applications

  • Wet or dry conditions

  • Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, aggregate, and bulk material handling

Heavy-Duty Belt Cleaners and Plows


Our heavy duty belt cleaners and plows are specially designed to help keep your conveyors running efficiently and consistently, so you reduce maintenance costs, work safer, and save money. From precleaners and secondary cleaners to specialty cleaners developed for select applications, we have numerous options to help you minimize carry back.

Belt Positioners and Trainers


The Flexco line of belt trackers employs the use of friction and tension to correct alignment issues, to avoid forces that can damage your belt. From light- to heavy-duty, large or small conveyors, Flexco has a belt tracker that will help you prevent hazardous belt and structural damage.

Load Point Products


When it comes to load zones, you need effective material containment and belt protection. Our load-point products have been specially designed to control acceleration, deaden impact energy, reduce damaging vibrations, extend belt life, control dust emissions, and other related problems.

Endless Belt Splicing

Endless belt splicing creates strong, long-lasting splices through heat, pressure, and/or chemical bonding, for a truly seamless splice. Ideal for food and sanitary conveying applications, endless splices can be completed in as little as eight minutes with our presses — minimizing your downtime and maximizing your productivity.

For equipment consultations or sales inquiry, please contact us at

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