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SmartCap technology to stop accidents before they happen

Oyu Tolgoi today announced the roll-out of an innovative and ground-breaking new safety programme across several areas of the operation with the deployment of SmartCap technology.

The SmartCap device, mounted on an operator’s cap, monitors the electrical activity of the brain, and alerts both the operator and the Oyu Tolgoi control room if an operator – for example, a haul truck driver – is at risk of falling asleep.

Fatigue induced micro-sleep, while operating vehicles and heavy machinery, is one of the most common and dangerous risks faced in the mining industry.

Speaking at the launch of the SmartCap programme, Oyu Tolgoi President and CEO Andrew Woodley said, “As a young and growing business, we have the opportunity to adopt cutting edge technology to drive improved safety performance. I am thrilled that, going forward, the SmartCap will help our people to manage their fatigue and reduce the risks of serious injury”.


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