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“APC” LLC has become the official distributor of GOODEL electrode factory in Mongolia.

Our company is officially selling welding electrodes that meet the requirements of Russian GOST standard, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 standard and Mongolian MNS standard in the Mongolian market. In 2021, we won the tender for the supply of "Miscellaneous Electrodes" announced by CHP-3 and supplied special electrodes for welding high pressure pipes and various steels, and have a laboratory test certificate stating that they can be used in Mongolia. Welding electrodes of the Russian brand GOODEL are best-selling product used by large enterprises such as GAZPROM, LUKOIL and NORILSK.

The manufacturer of the products that we sell has been operating since 1958 and regularly produces more than 50 brands of welding electrodes for various purposes, which is 10% cheaper than the electrodes sold in Mongolia.

APC is to offer the electrode that suits your needs in a very short time and at a low price that is not available in Mongolia.

Widely used welding electrode brands in Mongolia:

YОНKI-13/55, TSL-39, TSY-5, ТМЛ-ZY, МP-3, АHО-4, ОZL-7, ОЗЛ-8, YОНKI -13/65, TSL -11, НKJ-13, EА- 400/110, НKIАТ-1, TST-15, TST-28, TML-1Y, SHEZ-41, ОZCH-1, ОZCH-2, ОZCH-6, TSCH-4, MHKCH-2, ВСНK-10, ОZSH- 3, OMG-4, EN-60M

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