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“APC” LLC has become an official representative of Tomsk cable

“APC” LLC has become an official representative of Tomsk cable, which is the largest cable manufacturer of Russia, in Mongolia

Our company has become an official distributor in Mongolia of "Tomsk Cable Plant", one of the leading Russian manufacturers of various electric cables.

We can supply about 200,000 types of power cables of more than 2,000 brands at low prices and quickly.

These include:

1. Power cable / 6-35kV /

2. Low voltage cable / 0.4-1kV /

3. Network cable

4. Mining special purpose cable

5. Cable of Power transmission overhead line /A, AS, SIP..../

The plant's products alone occupy the majority of the cable market needs in Russia, the CIS countries, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, and are already recognized in the Mongolian market.

We offer you the following services:

  1. Consumer copper and aluminum cables will be supplied at factory price. / АВВГ, КГ, КВВГ, ПВЗ, ПВ, ВВГ, ПВС, ППВ ........ /

  2. We will supply the rare high voltage cables (6-10 kV) to the Mongolian market within 23 days. / ААШв, ВБШв, ПвВГ, ААБЛу, КГЭ, КГЭ-ХЛ, ЦААБЛ, АПвВ, ПвБв ........ /

  3. All types of cables that meet the requirements of Russian GOST standards are sold with delivery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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