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These state of the art submersible pumps slurries containing abrasive solids, are capable of pumping slurries containing abrasive solids up to 65% by weight and are very successful in trouble shooting applications in a wide range of industries

The heavy duty pumps are equipped with a patented external agitator that breaks down and re-suspends settled or compacted solids, allowing them to easily transfer a very high percentage of solids to water.

We have trained and experienced technicians available to advise on the most beneficial application methods and best practice’s with regards to your project, and answer any question that you may have.

DWHH (Dirty Water High Head)

Submersible Pump


These featured include Forced Convection Cooling, Oil Filled Motor (all Brass & Copper), Non-pressurised Mechanical Seal, Twin Volute Casing, Over-sized Bearings, Extreme Heavy Duty Cable, Product Temperatures up to 90°C, Dry Running Capability for extended periods of time

Many typical uses for the Goodwin DWHH pump include;

  • High wall pumping (open pit) applications

  • Construction of Buildings, Dams & Harbour walls

  • Long distance pumping applications (up to 4 km)

  • Agriculture – Irrigation / Centre Pivots, Dam Feeding

  • Underground Mining (Non-Explosive applications) – Shaft bottom to first level

  • Flood level control – Industrial, Municipal, Mining & Marine

  • Emergency and Environmental control

100 Range


150 Range


200 Range


For equipment consultations or sales inquiry, please contact us at

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